BRG Music offers professional electric guitar and acoustic guitar repair services

BRG Music's resident repair expert, Ben Christopher, has been repairing guitars for over 20 years. Your instrument is in good hands with us.

Here are a sampling of repairs we specialize in:

  • Acoustic/electric fixed bridge setup
  • Floating bridge setup
  • Replace tuning keys
  • Strap button install
  • Headstock repair
  • Reglue bridge
  • JLD bridge doctor install
  • Seat and level high frets
  • Fret level and recrown
  • Partial refret
  • Complete refret
  • Install pickups
  • Pot replacement
  • Jack replacement
  • Selector switch
  • Rewire harness
  • Install acoustic pickup
  • Pickup routing
  • Instrument/speaker cable repair
  • Custom cable builds
  • Test amplifier tubes
  • Replace tubes
  • (Recycle your cables and get $0.25/foot)